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Return To Work Interviews

I am often contacted by members of staff and asked for my opinions with regard to return to work (RTW) interviews, the process and what, in my humble opinion should be taking place. In a nutshell there are numerous reasons and justifications for the RTW interview but to avoid the laborious task of spelling out every chapter, section, sub section or paragraph, it is important to look at the overall situation and to consider the possible knock on effects if we did not carry out the RTW interview robustly.

When an employee returns to work following an absence due to illness or injury ( or even a sabbatical) there are numerous “black holes” that are waiting to snare us at a later date if we fail to conduct the RTW interviews appropriately and that includes ensuring they are carried out in a timely manner. So, having laid the groundworks, let’s look at what should happen in an ideal environment.



Concept Ambulance Development – Update

Several members of the Vehicle Working Group travelled to Bradford on 8 June to assess the progress being made on the “concept” ambulance being produced at the VCS factory. As mentioned in previous articles, the Trust is looking ahead to when the current


 Ferno Concept Ambulance – Vehicle Working Group  

The Trust notified interested parties within the Vehicle Working Group, of a meeting to be held at Vehicle Conversion Services, in Bradford on Friday 17 February 2017. This was originally a scheduled day shift for me but I was released from my core duty to enable

                                       Safety – Security – Injury         

Regardless of whether you are working on a DSA, Bariatric or PTS/NES ambulance, the requirements with regard to the use of seat belts and the security of persons is the same, as are the possible consequences if the requirements are not fulfilled. If the vehicle you are working in becomes involved in an incident or accident, which causes the vehicle to stop in any manner other


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