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Unison Hertfordshire County Lead Year End Report 2016    

                 past few years as Hertfordshire county lead and I wish him the best now he has gone to the dark side.  

I took over the role of Hertfordshire County lead in September 2016, and it has been a               the support of Daren and Fraer and I would like to take this opportunity thank both of them for their continued support.  

In the five months I have been doing the role, I have supported a number of staff in formal sickness reviews, Serious Incidents, Student paramedic review panels and other meetings where management have requested staff to attend, for various reasons, mostly successfully others not so.  

The one and only Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire LPF Meeting I have chaired to date has been productive with positive outcome from the joint working between Unison and Management, such an example was, the MedicNow agency staff were booking FRV Day shifts 12 weeks in advance, which left our on staff covering the night and weekend shifts, however through the LPF Forum a agreement was discussed and agreed the   B    shifts 10 days in advance and they have to be nights or weekend shifts only and once the relief and overtime shifts have been given to    B             coming year where we can go on to develop this working relationship further, to achieve more for all the Unison staff within the Trust.  

I have also attended RBC and County Lead meetings on a monthly basis at Bury St Edmonds to ensure that Hertfordshire is being represented and to keep the committee up to date with events and concerns within Hertfordshire area.  

Hertfordshire has seen a change in SLM managers recently with David Wight new to the West Herts area, initial indications are positive and he seems to be supportive to Unison and myself to enable positive and productive working relationship.     

Stephen Cutler Unison County Lead Hertfordshire