[All information can be found in the Ferno User Manual]

  1. Operators need strength, balance, co-ordination and common sense to safely use the chair
  2. Operators should have been trained in the operation of the chair
  3. Training records should be kept and annual refresher training is recommended
  4. Operators need to have read and understood the user manual instructions
  5. Untrained operators can cause injury or be injured.
  6. Permit only trained operators to operate the chair
  7. Improper use of the chair can cause injury.
  8. Use the chair only for the purpose described in the manual.
  9. An un-restrained patient can fall off the chair and be injured.
  10. Before use ALWAYS ensure the two safety rings are positioned over the hinges
  11. ALWAYS Use restraints to secure the patient to the chair
  12. There is an adjustable handle to enable correct posture for the operator
  13. The tracks can be attached for descending stairs
  14. Using the chair on stairs requires a minimum of two operators.
  15. Use additional help when needed.
  16. If available a third person should act as guide for the foot-end operator
  17. When using as a TRACKED chair the rear handle SHOULD be raised to the highest position
  18. Ensure the route down stairs is clear of obstructions
  19. It is NOT recommended to use the rear handle highest position when using as a carry chair
  20. The chair can be used as a carry chair to move patients up stairs.
  21. The tracks should be removed from the chair when moving a patient up stairs.
  22. Prior to folding the chair for stowage or using as a carry chair the tracks MUST be removed
  23. It is recommended NOT to carry the patient with the rear handle FULLY EXTENDED
  24. Do NOT exceed the safe working load of 200Kg / 32 stone
  25. Water under pressure or steam can penetrate joints, flush away lubricant, cause corrosion.
  26. Use caution when cleaning moving parts and hinges.
  27. Do not use abrasive materials to clean the chair
  28. Clean and disinfect the chair prior to lubricating
  29. Only lubricate parts that are indicated in the user manual
  30. Do NOT lubricate the track belts as it will result in a loss of friction.


Jeff Pittman

East of England Ambulance Unison 20106

Branch Health & Safety Officer

30 November 2015