a local agreement that puts in place the progression outlined below:

At month 30 when Annex 21 (formerly Annex U) is exhausted, Student Paramedics will move to the bottom of band 5 spine point 16, at which point their incremental date will be reset. 

As a ring fenced agreement for Student Paramedics (Cohorts: UEA 1 – 50 and ARU 1 – 55), staff will move to spine point 19 at month 42 of employment on the student pathway, or 12 months post registration, whichever comes first. This is understood – based on the figures provided by the trust – to apply to 853 frontline staff. Incremental progression will continue annually until the NQP completes the consolidation of learning programme and moves across into Band 6. 

The offer also provides a ring fenced agreement for Graduate Paramedics who were offered and accepted a position with the Trust prior to 1st September 2016, to progress to spine point 19 at 12 months post-employment. Incremental progression will continue, based on the incremental date, as the NQP completes the consolidation of learning programme and moves across into Band 6. 

In line with the National agreement, on completion of the NQP period (which includes fast track, or a maximum period of 24 months), Paramedics will be assimilated into band 6, i.e. will move across to the first spine point in band 6 and then continue to progress incrementally based on their incremental date. 

The offer also includes an absolute commitment to support NQPs to complete their consolidation of learning programme and therefore progress to band 6 at the earliest opportunity (subject to fast track arrangements which have yet to be agreed nationally). 

As a members led union it is for affected members to decide if they wish to accept or reject the proposal. If our members reject this proposal then as we have exhausted the grievance process – the only other option we have is progression to an industrial dispute.

If you have an questions and/or would like to discuss the proposal in greater detail, dates are being arranged with UNISON Branch officers to speak to you directly across the Trust – details to follow.

You can also email any questions directly to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A link to vote on the proposal will be emailed to members very soon.

Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary