letter and a job description to reject this job description. 

We’re also recommending that you request an updated separate job description for your Senior role and for this to be developed with UNISON.

If you’re on a combined Senior pathway, please check the job description carefully and feedback your views to us through this survey.

It’s very important that your job description accurately reflects your role, is not aspirational, and is not used politically by the Trust to try and enforce negative changes – which is our main concern.

We have seen a number of changes recently to terms and conditions, without any consultation, as well as the Trust refusing to be open about a report they commissioned outlining cost improvement plans within emergency operations.

We’re urging members to take a few minutes to feedback to us, to enable us to better protect your terms and conditions. We have particular concerns in relation to lone working and the type of resource you currently work on.

As the letter sent out by the Trust contains two different email addresses, please can members feedback to UNISON through our survey:


This will enable us to accurately reflect your views to the Trust and evidence the strength of feeling.

Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary