post holders feel their job description needs to be reviewed. It’s vital that job descriptions are not aspirational and that they accurately reflect the work undertaken by the post holder.

Once we have reviewed the NQP job description – which will involve post holders being consulted, then the new updated job description will need to go through a Job Evaluation process, i.e. to reconsider the banding of our NQPs. 

We know from our members that many of our NQPs are solo responding, have not received any support or guidance over the portfolio element of the NQP role, have not been allocated a mentor, have not had a formal review against the expectations at a minimum of every 6 months, have not had an induction into the NQP role, have not had an individual development plan, struggle to get through to clinical advice and are not able to refer to a more experience practitioner ‘at all times.’ These were all requirements in the National agreement.

It’s our view that our NQPs, and many others across Sector are not actually working to the National agreement and staff under the Job Evaluation scheme must be paid at the banding that is set for the actual role they are undertaking.

We believe our NQPs are carrying out a comparable role to band 6 staff.

We are still consulting over the band 6 negotiated proposal, which offers financial support for our Student Paramedics who have been delayed on their pathway, although we now also need to look to support our NQPs and this we feel is the best way to do that.

We are working closely with other UNISON Branches across Ambulance Sector and there’s a meeting planned with UNISON National Ambulance Sector in early October to discuss progress over this issue.

Nationally there is a Joint Trade Union release which outlines the National concerns and includes an update on the fast track element of the National agreement, which is copied below.

As always your feedback is really valued, to enable us to better support you. We have set up a dedicated email address to capture our members views on this issue: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.