The IX and meal break pilot, jointly agreed between the Trust and UNISON, has now been running for one month.  

So far, 197 crews have been placed into intelligent X-ray as a result of the pilot, and initial feedback from staff and those on the staff support desk is that the pilot measures are having a positive impact.  

We still have data to review to ensure that the pilot is delivering what we set out to achieve, but in the meantime we are keen to gauge how you feel the IX and meal break pilot is going.  We’d therefore be grateful if you could please take a few minutes to complete our joint (EEAST and UNISON) follow up survey:

 You can read the joint statement, which gives details of the pilot here.

What is Harassment & Bullying? 

This was one of the first questions posed by the course tutor when eight members of your Branch Committee attended a two day “Understanding Harassment & Bullying” course at the beginning of August.  At the end of two intensive days, I think we all knew the answer.  


Have you ever said “I’m being bullied” or “I’m being victimised”?  Maybe yes, maybe no. maybe you have heard colleagues saying similar phrases?  We can all say things when we are cross, tired, fed up, late off etc., but if any member believes they are facing, discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation they should contact their Steward or any Branch Officer for advice and support.


As a Branch we cannot change what has happened in the past, but we can change what happens from this point forward, both by supporting our members and robustly challenging the Trust at every level.  


Faith Ecuyer

Branch Environment Officer