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Joint Black Members Officer Report for 2017 AGM  

I am writing this joint Black Members Officers report on behalf of Glenn Carrington and myself.   It’s this time of the Year to report how things have gone with our Black Members  for the East of England Ambulance Service within the past Year since the 2016 AGM.  

Since that AGM in 2016, our new Equalities Officer Andy Salter, set up a Black Members Face Book age for our Black Members staff who or within the East of England Ambulance Service.  It’s excellent Face Book Page, as it has the dates of Unison Eastern Region Black Members Meetings on the site if you wish to attend, and I ill e loading the dates of this ear’s Eastern Region Black Members Meetings on the site.   So any of you Black Members who work in the Service please do join the Face Book Page.  At the moment we have three members who joint our Face Book Page, and that’s ali aul, Michael Richards and I.  

So the Year of 2016 began with myself attending the Black Members Conference which was held in Llandudno North Wales in January 2016, and it was well attended Conference with a high number of Delegates attending the Conference, around 400 Delegates.  

So following on from the Conference in March as the first of the ear’s Black Members Meeting held in Luton which was well attended and they discussed events like the Luton Carnival and the Luton Meet which they had stalls at both those events.  The next meetings were held in June and September and both the meetings were again well attended, and in November they held the AGM and Education Weekend which Kali Paul attended, and Kali felt it was excellent and again well attended and she gained a great deal from the Education Weekend and with another member of the Eastern Region they wrote a speech on supporting one of the Motions at this ear’s Black Members Conference.  

The dates of this ear’s Eastern Region Black Members Meetings ill e on the ace Boo age and also in the Newsletter, so please do try and attend any of the Meetings, and meet other Black Members from around the Region.  

So both Glenn, Kali Paul who is our Disabilities Officer and Black Member and I would like to know from you our Black Member staff, if we set up a Black Members Group for the East of England Ambulance Service, would you join the group, and what would your expectations of a group for the Service bring for you?  Please do contact either Glenn or I on the following numbers and inform us.  

Anand M Pillai 07508111365  

Glenn Carrington 07508110711  

 Anand M Pillai  


Glenn Carrington  

Shared Black Members Officers  


                                                  Black Members Conference 2016 held in


Well this Year’s Black Members Conference was held in Llandudno North Wales from Friday January 22nd to Sunday January 24th and as ever it was an excellent Conference.

I and many other delegates travelled up to the Conference on Thursday January 21st.

Llandudno  is a lovely sea side Town and the Weather was lovely at that Weekend.

Friday January 22nd saw the first day of the Conference which began at 14:20hrs, with our Eastern Region Meeting, where we discussed the four motions that the Eastern Region had down to be debated and if anyone wanted to speak their were members of the Eastern Region Black Members Committee to help delegates write their speeches.   Also at the Meeting it was discussed that there will be a Eastern Region Dinner which was held on the Friday Evening.  Also it was mentioned about the next Eastern Region Black Members Meeting to be held on Saturday March 5th at the Arts Carnival Centre in Luton.

Then Friday Afternoon’s session of the Conference began at 16:00 with the Chairman Margaret Greer welcoming delegates and visitors to the Conference, then she introduced the first guest speaker Councillor Frank Bradfield Mayor of Llandudno who addressed the Conference and welcomed us all to Llandudno.

Then the Standing Orders Committee Report was read out to Conference and delegates voted to accept the report.  Also the Annual Report one on Organising and Recruitment was read out to Conference, and again the delegates voted to accept the report.

Then the second guest speaker Dave Prentis spoke to the Conference, and yet again he gave a excellent speech to the Conference.

Then we had the Mandela Award Presentation which was presented to Margaret Greer for her excellent work in Unison.

Then Conference went on to debate the first motion of the Conference

Increasing Young Black Members to attend Conference.   Delegates eventually voted to accept the motion.

After the first session of the Conference came to a close, I attended the Health Service Group Meeting, which was well attended many issues were raised at the meeting.

Friday’s session of the Conference came to a close after 17:30.  In the Evening our Eastern Region held our region Dinner which 20 members attended the Dinner and enjoyed the Evening very much.

So day two of the Conference on Saturday January 23rd began with Report 2 of the Standing Orders Committee and again delegates voted to accept the report, and like wise with the Annual Report 2 Campaigning and International which delegates voted to accept.

Then the first guest speaker of the day Matilda MacAttram  the director of Black Mental Health UK spoke to the Conference and gave an excellent speech.

Then Conference went onto debate the Morning Motions which were six motions in all,

Motion 2 Organising and Bargaining Race Equality

Motion 3 and Amendment 3.1 Recruiting and Organising Black Members

Motion 32 Branch Self Organised Groups one of our Eastern Regions motions

Motion 7 Black Women in low paid occupations

Motion 8 NMC Criteria for overseas Nurses

Motion 10 Assessing the value of the Race Equality Charter Mark for Black Staff and Students.

All these six motions delegates voted to accept.

Then the second guest speaker of the day was Chuka Umunna Labour MP who gave an excellent speech and the reason why Labour lost the General Election and how to learn from that.

Then the Morning session of the conference came to a close and after Lunch there were five Fringe Meetings, and I attended the meeting about the

Needs of Black LGBT Young People in Foster Care.   There was very good interaction among those that attended this meeting, and ideas that our groups came up with and we also watched a short film.  It was an excellent fringe meeting.

The Afternoon session of the Conference began at 14:50 and we had five motions in all to debate,

Motion 11 Labour Party reaching out to the Black Communities

Motion 12 Health Care for Young Black People

Motion 5 and Amendment 5.1 Urgent Review of the Joint Enterprise Legislation

Motion 6 Labour and the Black Vote 2015

Motion 9 Austerity How much worse will it get for Black Members.

All the above five motions delegates voted to accept.

The late Afternoon session of Conference came to a closed followed by four workshops and caucus meetings.

In the Evening there was a social which about 180 people attended as it was ticket only, even though many more delegates and visitors would have liked to have attended the social.   Those that did not attend the social did other things that Evening.

The last day of the Conference Sunday January 24th began with the Standing Orders Report which delegates voted to accept.

Then the final guest speaker to the Conference Wendy Nichols the Unison President spoke to the Conference and gave an excellent speech.

Then the final 19 motions of the conference were debated and they consisted of

Motion 13 Black Action in Unison

Motion 14 Austerity and Black Workers

Motion  15 Prostate Cancer and Black Men from the Eastern Region

Motion 16 Prostate Cancer and Black Men

Motion 17 Immigration Detention and Deportation from the Eastern Region

Motion 18 Rise in Islamophobia

Composite A Nepal Earthquake

Motions 21 Justice for Sheku Bayoh

Motion 22 Black Representation in Public Life

Motion 23 Black Youth Unemployment

Motion 24 Black disabled and discriminated

Motion 25 Genocide of the forgotten people the Rohingya

Motion 26 Black organ Donation

Composite B Black Mental Health

Motion 29 Unison Black Members turning back the UKIP Tide

Motion 30 End the siege on Gaza

Motion 31 Treatment of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Asylum Seekers

Motion 33 After the General Election from the Eastern Region

Last Motion 4 Black Member involvement.

All the above 19 motions delegates voted to accept.

So the business of this Year’s 2016 came to a close, and as other Black Member Conferences that I have attended in the previous Year’s, it was an excellent Conference and well attended with 680 delegates and visitors.  We hope that the 2017 Black Members Conference to be held in Brighton will attract even greater number of delegates and visitors.


                                                                     Anand M Pillai,

                                                                               Black Members Officer Shared

                                                                               East of England Ambulance Branch





                                    National Ambulance BME Forum Mission to India Report


The Mission to India Project was an idea of Dennis Moss a long time member of the National Ambulance BME Forum, 18 Months ago thought about, when on first hand he saw how School Children in Jamshedpur North India lacked Basic First Aid Skills to save a person’s life.  


He approached many Schools in Jamshedpur with his idea in mind, and eventually Father David Vincent the Principal of St Mary’s English High School, Bistupur Jamshedpur agreed with this project of delivering Basic First Aid Training, and Father David invited Teachers from other