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Do you realise that the government is trying to restrict or even remove your right to strike.


They are trying to do this by passing “The government’s trade union bill”.  This Bill threatens all union members basic right to strike.

 How will they be able to do this?

Employers will be able to break strikes by bringing in agency workers to cover for strikers. This could have big safety implications, lead to worse public services, and will undermine the right to strike. 

The government plans to allow agency workers to replace striking workers. And by requiring 14 days’ notice of strike action (rather than 7 as at present), employers will have more time to arrange agency workers to cover for strikes. This has been banned in the UK since 1973.

    • This fundamentally undermines the right to strike, as it reduces the impact of strike action, and upsets the power balance between workers and employers. These changes will make the UK an outlier in Europe. Across the EU large agencies have agreed not to use agency workers to replace striking workers.
    • There are health and safety concerns about inexperienced replacement workers taking on the roles of the permanent workforce. Inexperienced agency workers replacing strikers might lead to poorer quality services.

What are our concerns?

Today it has been announced by the Trust that the collective grievance submitted by Beds, Herts and Cambridgeshire Northampton Pathway Paramedics has been upheld. The hearing should have been held on the 18th August. However due to recent sad circumstances it was decided that Sandy Brown, Director of Nursing and Clinical Quality would review our case., in view of rearranging the hearing. As a result it has been decided that Paramedics from the Northampton Pathway in cohorts 1 and 2 will be allowed to progress to Senior Paramedics role without waiting the 12 month post registration period previously stated. Advancement date will be each persons HCPC Registration date. 

The decision was decided up on:

1. Length of Service

2. Previous Experience

3. Previous experience of mentoring

4. Evidence present of active mentoring.


It is a fair decision for both staff and trust alike. It is also good to see that given the right arguments and common sense as well as fair judgement progress can be achieved. 

Mike L