Thanks to the 829 staff that participated in the GRS Survey Monkey. This proves that we can get changes on behalf of all staff, if we have the evidence to present to management.


We are facing the possibility of rota changes in the near future in Essex, as stated in the Public Board meeting papers. Any changes to rotas have to go through a consultation process that includes staff and representatives, where all evidence and concerns should be taken into account in the decision making process.


All changes, such as rotas and DAPs also have to go for sign off by staff side and management at the Local Partnership Forum, before any changes can go ahead.


With the pressures on staff in all departments of the service, please look after yourselves and your colleagues. If you feel under stress or recognise stress as being a concern in your colleagues, please remember that anyone can access the confidential counselling service through the Employees Assist Programme, without the need to be referred through management.


Please take the time to complete the Survey Monkey for our campaign ‘Put back the Heart,’ a UNISON campaign to put staff back at the Heart of our Ambulance Trust.


Completing this survey will give us the evidence we need to help campaign for positive changes:


Thank you,


Adrian Clark