Dear EOC Staff,


 Over the last 12 months Unison has been campaigning in an effort to remove caps from the EOC annual leave limits which were discovered through FOI last year to be set at 75% for all Trust EOC sites. Because of these caps not all EOC staff had managed to take all of their contractual and in some cases statutory leave entitlements.


 Unison feel these caps sit outside of trust policy, does not meet current EU legislation, and were put in place outside of the Trust governance processes.


 The Branch Committee felt that the Trust had bypassed normal governance procedures and that this was unacceptable and therefore supported the submission of a collective grievance.


 A grievance date has been set for 21st September 2016 to hear the case put forward by Unison on behalf of its EOC members.


 On 12th September 2016 Senior Staff side met with Gary Morgan Deputy Director of Service Delivery (EOC) to discuss the issues raised within the grievance and although it was a positive meeting we were unable to resolve all the issues contained within the grievance.


 Unison hopes that once the grievance has been resolved that we can work in partnership with the Senior EOC management team to ensure that annual leave is managed in such a way that supports EOC staff.


 Unison would like to thank all the EOC staff who took part in our survey in December 2015/January 2016. Your evidence has been vital in the preparation of this grievance.


 Moving forward Unison will continue to monitor Trust policies to ensure that they are followed both in word and spirit, and will continue to challenge where necessary.


 Darren Jones -Branch Chair, Fraer Stevenson –Branch Secretary and Barry Jarvis - Branch Convenor


 UNISON East of England Ambulance Branch 20106