Scope's priorities for 2015

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Disabled lady talking to member of the public outside Westminster


Ahead of the 2015 general election, Scope is working to improve the lives of disabled people.

Living standards are about more than just money – they are dependent on a good education, employment opportunities, having a supportive network of friends, taking part in family life, enjoying leisure activities and using public services.

Scope is calling on all political parties to take action in a number of areas – including improving employment support for disabled people, ensuring that individuals can access the social care that supports them to live independently and tackling the drivers of extra costs that disabled people face in their everyday lives.

Extra costs

Disabled man buying CDs - linking to information about the extra costs that disabled people face

On average, disabled people spend £550 a month on costs related to their disability. These extra costs undermine financial security and reduce disabled people's ability to build financial resilience and savings. Scope is calling on all political parties to commit to identifying and driving down the root causes of the extra costs disbaled people face by:

  • Protecting the value of extra costs payments
  • Ensuring that disabled people have access to the financial support that enables them to live independently
  • Tackling the drivers of extra costs.


Man looking at computer screen and smiling - linking to information about barriers to work for disabled people

Disabled people can and want to work but face barriers to entering and staying in employment, with existing back to work support having limited success. Scope is calling for action to halve the disability employment gap and support one million more disabled people into work by:

  • Ensuring that workplaces are flexible and inclusive
  • Using regional growth strategies to boost the disability employment rate
  • Supporting disabled people to stay in work

Independent living

carer pushes lady in wheelchair - linking to information about the importance of social care

Social care provides vital support for disabled people to live independently, which can include the basic support to get up, washed and dressed each morning. To build a truly preventative care system for working age disabled people, all disabled people who need formal social care must be able to access care:

  • Social care is vital in supporting disabled people to live independently for longer
  • Disabled people who need social care support must be eligible to access it
  • There must be a sustainable future funding solution for social care