Former Remploy employees have spoken of their sense of betrayal when the help they were promised to find new jobs never came. Families hit by the Bedroom Tax talk of the desperate choice they face between sinking into debt or losing their home – despite needing all the space they have for carers or medical equipment. Disabled people who excel at difficult and demanding jobs, who are doing all they can to find appropriate work, or who need the protection of our social security system, have told us how angry they feel about sensational media stories that paint those who cannot work as ‘scroungers’.

Labour is determined to turn this around and make this a country where the voices of disabled people are heard, their contribution is valued, and the right to live a full and fulfilling life is made a reality. 

We are proud that Labour has worked closely with disabled people to identify the issues that most affect their lives, and develop the policies we need to address

This manifesto sets out our plan to continue that work in government.

You can read the mini-manifesto here:…/a-better-future-for-disabled-peo…

or listen to a summary of our full manifesto here:…/3102178-summary-of-labour-s-2015-ma…

Dave Edwards.