Having had feedback from staff many of you have expressed concern that you regularly have a late meal break or go without a meal break altogether. Clearly the meal break policy is not being followed in many areas of the Trust and this need to be tackled. It is also worrying that many of you feel pressured into not taking a break because of the workload and pressures from control to carry on and complete your planned journeys. It is accepted that the work has to be done and the Patients have to be Transported to their Homes and Appointments, but not at the detriment of staffs welfare. You regularly cover a lot of miles and should be taking at least one uninterrupted break during your shift. The break time should fall within the “meal break window” and it should be allocated at the start of your shift either by verbal arrangement or be already planned on the PDA. You should also be taking your meal break at the Trust Station, nearest to your location, where you are able to access and use all facilities and your break should not commence until you are at that station.

There are obvious causes for concern in the way that the “Meal Break Policy” is used in practice so I have designed a survey in an effort to discover what the problems are and where they are.

Please take the time to complete it there are only a few questions and it should only take a couple of minutes. You can click on the link or scan the barcode into your smartphone or tablet                                       


Mike Hill Unison NES Officer

H&S Rep