We are due to meet with the Execs next week for our 12 week review meeting.

We're aware that in some areas of the Trust (NSC and Essex), management have tried to bring in a new form for staff to fill in to document a late finish. Our view, and we have been very clear on this, is that the data collection of late finishes - agreed as part of the pilot - is for the data to be taken from timesheets. Changing data collection midway through a pilot raises questions about data integrity and we do not want to see staff incurring a later finish due to another form they need to complete. The data would need to be collated anyway, so it's not clear how a new form would make any difference to reducing the workload on managers.

We still have data to review to ensure that the pilot is delivering what we set out to achieve, but in the meantime we are keen to gauge how you feel the IX and meal break pilot is going.  We’d therefore be grateful if you could please take a few minutes to complete our joint (EEAST and UNISON) follow up survey:


You can read the joint statement, which gives details of the pilot here.

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