Some of the casework we continue to see is harrowing and the Branch Committee recently voted unanimously to bring in the same consultancy that went into the London Ambulance Service to undertake this work.


We have some very good managers in our Trust and their voices need to be heard and empowered. Some of the poor behaviours we continue to see appears to go unchallenged and this must change. We have recently had concerns raised to us that the temporary management structure and rumours of further changes have caused some managers to feel they are not able to speak up - we would encourage all staff and managers to take part in this confidental review. 


We will share the results of the review with the Trust and staff in January, with a view to working in partnership on the recommendations. If necessary, we will campaign for change and seek support from stakeholders. 

As part of the review a survey will be circulated to all staff. There will also be the opportunity for confidential 1-2-1 meetings in person - at our UNISON offices in Chelmsford and Bury St Edmunds, or via phone. 


The review will open on 16th November and run until 6th January. 


You can access full details of the review here:


Kind regards,

Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary 

East of England Ambulance Service