We’ve been made aware of letters that have gone out from the Trust to Student Paramedics about delays to the ARU University pathway. UNISON was not consulted over these delays, although the trust has committed to meeting us on Friday to discuss this issue in detail. We will consult with members as soon as we’re able too.

We have been trying to resolve another issue through partnership working over the application of Annex U. This issue was flagged by UNISON some months ago and applies to every Student Paramedic who commenced on their pathway from January 2014 to date.

Annex U is a national term and condition which the trust has not applied correctly, this means all Student Paramedics are currently being underpaid during their training period. Given the lack of traction in dealing with this issue, we are now supporting Student Paramedics with a collective grievance.

UNISON has also been asking for Student pay progression to be aligned with the Senior EMT pay scale, as we believe students should be allowed to progress to Senior EMT, one year after they achieve EMT equivalent - in keeping with other EMTs.

If you're a Student Paramedic and a UNISON member and wish to add your name to the collective grievance, please contact myself, via trust email, before 26th April.

Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary


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