consultation on the threshold level of qualification for entry to the register for paramedics

The HCPC is seeking views on changing the threshold level of qualification for entry to the Register for paramedics set out in the first standard of the Standards of education and training (‘SET 1’).

Please follow this link for details and to take part in the consultation process.

The consultation closes on 15th December 2017.

Kind regards,
Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary

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NQP update…

This week at SPF, UNISON is triggering, in keeping with the Job Evaluation scheme, a partnership review of the NQP job description.  This is normal practice for a ‘new’ role, after 6 – 12 months and/or if the

Important update for all senior Paramedic Members

UNISON did not agree to the job description the Trust recently sent to all Senior Paramedics.

In order to protect your terms and conditions, we‘re advising all Mentor and Clinical Senior Paramedics who received a

Calling all Student Paramedics, NQPs and Graduate Paramedics…

Following recent negotiations between UNISON and the Trust over transitional arrangements in relation to band 6 progression for the above staff, as well as over the delays to the Student Paramedic pathway, we now

need to consult with affected UNISON members.

Please can all Student Paramedic, NQP and Graduate Paramedic members check we have a correct email address for you. Ideally not a work email address – as the Trust firewall sometimes causes problems.

You can update your email address by logging into your details on the national UNISON website (, or by calling UNISON direct on 0800 0857 857.

Kind regards,

Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary



NQPs and Student Paramedics – Band 6 consultation

Following on from the UNISON supported collective grievance and our concerns over band 6 progression – including the delays to the Student Paramedic training – we have reached a negotiated proposal over band 6 progression with the Trust, which we now need to consult affected members on.

If the majority of affected members support the proposal, UNISON will enter into

Working time directive and meal break changes for front-line staff.

On Thursday last week we raised with the Trust that some of the meal break changes they are planning to pilot from 12th July breach the working time directive and are likely to negatively impact on staff. 

The Trust has not responded to our written concerns. 

We’re asking all front-line staff to please fill in this survey: 

We will share the information you give us details directly with the HSE and the CQC - as we feel the Trust is not listening. We will also take your views into account around furthering our dispute. 

The meal break changes we’re concerned about include:

Keeping crews available while they’re en-route to their meal break;

Removing the fixed meal point and moving to a ‘target rest break time;’ 

Standing crews down at the start or end of the meal break window;

Not allowing crews to pick up food en-route to their breaks;

Removal of the cross border protection to return crews to their area for their break. 

UNISON is not in agreement for the above meal break changes to take place.