The trust recently placed an advert on NHS jobs for band 3 'support workers (ECAs),’ to work on emergency ambulances across the region. The advert stated the trust would close the application process when they reached 300 applicants.

Following a meeting with the Deputy Chief Executive and the HR Director this week, the advert was withdrawn and the trust has made a commitment, in the spirit of partnership working, to change this recruitment to band 4 Student Technicians (nationally these roles are known as Associate Ambulance Practitioners).

Alongside the student EMT (Associate Ambulance Practitioners) pathway we understand the trust will continue to recruit and train student Paramedics, as well as recruiting direct entry EMTs, Paramedics and ECPs/CCPs.

We are also asking the trust to look at the development of our existing staff as a priority and to better support our HCRT staff, who raised concerns with us about the advert.

Kind regards,

Fraer Stevenson
UNISON Branch Secretary

Last week senior staffside received an email from Robert Morton, CEO, inviting us to a meeting to inform us about a range of actions the Executive team have considered necessary for patient safety.

The actions were described by Robert Morton in his email as ‘measures that may be viewed as controversial, unpalatable and even draconian.’

Your UNISON Branch Committee met today (22nd march) to discuss the trusts recent proposals, the way this has been handled by the trust, and the results of our indicative ballot.

Over 60% of our patient facing members in A&E operations took part in our indicative ballot, and of those members, 90% said they would vote for industrial action over late finishes.

UNISON is preparing to ballot front-line A&E members over working conditions (late finishes).

Please make sure your membership details are up to date, by logging onto UNISON:

Or by emailing our membership officer Stuart Reeves: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kind regards,

Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary

Nationally UNISON is holding an indicative ballot of ambulance staff over the failure of the government and employers to deliver on their promises made at the end of the 2014/15 strike action (pay and retirement age). 


If you are ambulance staff, a link will be sent directly to the email address we have on our records so you need to keep an eye out for it. 


This ballot is for ALL UNISON members working in an English NHS Ambulance Service.


 If you haven’t received the link then please provide us with an up to date email address.


In order to send a very strong message we need to get a high return rate so your vote is really important.


Please update your email address and complete the survey. Ask all your colleagues to do the same.


You can read more about the national campaign over pay and retirement age here.

We’ve been made aware of letters that have gone out from the Trust to Student Paramedics about delays to the ARU University pathway. UNISON was not consulted over these delays, although the trust has committed to meeting us on Friday to discuss this issue in detail. We will consult with members as soon as we’re able too.

We have been trying to resolve another issue through partnership working over the application of Annex U. This issue was flagged by UNISON some months ago and applies to every Student Paramedic who commenced on their pathway from January 2014 to date.

Annex U is a national term and condition which the trust has not applied correctly, this means all Student Paramedics are currently being underpaid during their training period. Given the lack of traction in dealing with this issue, we are now supporting Student Paramedics with a collective grievance.

UNISON has today (Monday) informed the East of England Ambulance Service that it is to ballot frontline ambulance staff over possible strike action concerning managers’ failure to tackle the problem of excessive working hours and lack of sufficient breaks.