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Branch Chair Report East of England Ambulance Branch 20106 Annual General Meeting Wednesday 22nd February 2017 Bishop's Park Community Centre Trust Hertfordshire  

Having completed my first year as your Branch Chair, I am able to look back and reflect on your branches achievements, and the progress which has been made over the last year.  

2016 has again proven to be a very busy year, and the Branch has faced many challenges along the way, which include the introduction of IX and the independent bullying and harassment review commissioned by your branch, just to name a few. The work the Branch has completed is staff focused and the aim of the work undertaken is always to improve working conditions and terms and conditions for staff.  

Personally I have taken my responsibilities as chair in 2016 seriously and will continue to do so in the coming year.  Some of my responsibilities and commitments include; 

 chairing all meetings of the branch and branch committee, agreeing the agenda for meetings with the secretary and making sure that business is properly conducted in line with union democracy;  advising branch officers and the branch committee on procedure and rules  making sure all functions of the branch are carried out  working closely with the secretary and other officers to provide leadership and support to the branch  Mentoring new representatives and supporting the more experienced representatives  a senior branch negotiator 

The chair position is one of two roles I undertake within the branch. I still continue to be actively involved in Suffolk as the County Lead, and represent the members within the county at a local level at the Local Staff Partnership Forum for Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. 

As the County Lead, I am currently the joint chair of the Local Staff Partnership Forum for Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.  This is where local representatives put across your points of view to the local management teams. I also attend every Local Staff Partnership Forum which takes place in Essex and Beds & Herts to support the representatives within those counties.  

In 2016 the branch has once again seen an increase in its membership; this is an increase for the third year running. This year on year gain suggests to me that the staff within the organisation have confidence in the branch and the way in which it supports its members.  

I have undertaken a variety of casework during 2016, ranging from formal sickness meetings, disciplinary hearings and grievances. It was nice working with Barry Jarvis (the branch Convenor) on the the EOC annual leave grievance, which proved to be a successful outcome, which meant the annual leave levels were put back to the 100% levels they should have been at.  

I have undertaken a number of courses to benefit the branch and its members in 2016 

 Chairs course at the Regional Branch Officer Training  Bullying & Harassment Training  Deconstructing Investigations course  Diploma in Employment Law (ongoing) 

Throughout the year I have made a point of visiting as many stations and trust localities as possible (to many to list here) to listen to staff concerns from all directorates and provide help and advice were possible. One thing I have recognised is the size of the area covered by the trust and the number of different occupations within it. 

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the new branch officers for the coming year, Chad Fielder Labour Link, Steve Rudd L.G.B.T. and Disabilities officer, Teresa Long Women’s officer, and Matt Blakey Equalities officer. I look forward to working with you all during 2017 

Best Regards 

Darren Jones Branch Chair UNISON Branch 20106