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In keeping with rule 6c, the Branch elects the following officers annually:






•Education/life on learning officer

•County lead representatives

•Equality officer(s) 

•Health and safety officer 

•Communications officer 

•Environmental Officer 

•International officer 

•Membership officer 

•Young members officer 

•Welfare officer 

•Labour link officer (elected by the members who pay the political levy only) 

•Retired members’ secretary (elected by the retired members) 

•NES officer

•Womens officer

•Black and ethnic minorities officer

•ICT officer

Casework Co-ordinator

•LGBT officer

•Members with disabilities officer

•Pensions officer

Elections will be needed for any roles where there’s more than one person standing and they do not wish to share the role, or where two people wish to share with each other and others have also stood for the same role.


Sharing roles is encouraged by UNISON but it is a choice for the members involved. 


Any ballots will be carried out according to UNISONs Code of Good Branch Practice. 


Nominations can only be made by UNISON members and anyone standing for a role also needs to be a UNISON member. 


You can read the full rules on our website. 


Kind regards,


Fraer Stevenson

UNISON Branch Secretary